Quark Intelligence®

Home Automation

Let’s know about Smart Home with Drinna®  by Quark Intellingence®.


*Wallmount Device “Smart Thing” by Dakton Microlabs



Industrial IoT

Finding a Real IoT solution for your business?

*Rack mount Device “Smart Thing” by Dakton Microlabs



Drinna® Software Platform

Drinna® is flexible software platform for IoT managment. The software can be used in large and complex IoT networks using different transportation protocols such as TCP socket, WebSocket, MQTT, MQTT Websocket, API. The front end is web based a compatible to access from any device including PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. This software is compatible with most hardware such as Dakton Microlabs, HP, Raspberry Pi.  *The official tested hardware is Dakton Microlabs RTU Smart thing. If you need details about this please contact us.